Development-Fatigue in a Blender

Agile development uses an iterative process that produces a working application at the end of each time-block:


Time-block durations vary, but when the schedule is compressed and customers’ needs for the project change, the iterations go by like LIGHTENING! As a result, designers, programmers, database implementors, and SME’s are required to “ramp efforts” to meet the next iteration’s goals. This means UNBELIEVABLE hours and intellect to effectively AND efficiently annunciate the languages; concurrently, the team tests each feature of the application as they’re completed.

All the while, the customer is tapping their fingernails in impatience, hoping you’ll solve their problems YESTERDAY.

The human impact of all of these influences is “Development-Fatigue”. For this conversation, liken it to combat-fatigue: trauma, complete with flashbacks, night-sweats, racing thoughts, anxiety, and migrane headaches.  The blistering pace and pressure from raw expectation over-speeds the human system and segments whatever “life” developers previously possess. Added pressure may be applied as the projected completion date looms.


  • Reduce impact of controllable, external factors.
  • Establish an “atmosphere” for development work, and recreate it every time you sit down.
  • FORCE yourself to sleep; sleepy coders make rookie errors.
  • Remember that anxiety always wanes in intensity; “it’ll pass”.
  • Partner with important people in your life; prepare them that you’ll be immersed and ask for their help, but that it won’t last forever.
  • Stay positive about your project; don’t deny yourself the chance to celebrate small victories.

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